Prof Bjorn Berg from University of Helsinki, Finland Visited Erguna Research Station

Release Time:2017-09-22 Big Small

On 1 September, 2017, invited by the Research Group of Ecological Stoichiometry, Prof Bjorn Berg visited the station for cooperative research and gave presentation entitled as Plant Litter Decomposition - a Method to Determine Rate Regulating Factors. In the presentation, he introduced the frontier scientific subject in litter decomposition and detailed on- big- scalecontrolling factors for litter decomposition.

Prof Bjorn Berg is an internationally famous specialist in the field of litter decomposition. He has been devoted to this field since 1970s. His monographPlant Litter: Decomposition, Humus Formation, Carbon Sequestration attracted extensive attentions and strongly promoted the research in decomposition of litters and soil organic matters. He has published 230 papers including about 20 reviews on Trends in Ecology and Evolution and other periodicals. His papers have been cited more than 10 thousand times.

During the visitation, Prof Bjoen Berg looked around the experimental plots and got deep impressions on the long-term experiment for global change, and discussed related questions, especially jointed and guided the being arranged experiment for the effect of Nitrogen deposition on fine root decomposition.