Prof FENG Zhaozhong and Prof LE Xi Visited IAE

Release Time:2017-12-15 Big Small

Invited by the CAS KeyLab of Forest Ecology and Management and accompanied by Prof FANG Yunting and Associate Prof XU Sheng, Prof FENG Zhaozhong from Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, CAS and Prof LE Xi from Institute of Atmospheric Physics, CAS visited IAE and reported their work On 30 November-1 October 2017.

The presentation of Prof FENG Zhaozhong was entitled as The Effects of Ozone on Earth Surface. He introduced the distribution of ozone concentration on earth surface in China, the mechanism of the effects of high-concentration Ozone, current challenges to the researchers and perspective and systematically  summarized research results, home and abroad, especially his own work. Prof LE Xi`s report was entitled as Assessment on the effect of China`s Atmospheric Pollution on the Land Productivity. He introduced his work on the effect of ozone and aerosol, respectively and the synergistic effect of the both using digital simulation and modeling. After seminar, the two professors visited the ozone concentration warming system in the arboretum, exchanged ideas and expressed cooperation intention in long-term cooperation with IAE.