Eighth China’s Landscape Ecology Seminar Held In Shenyang

Release Time:2015-12-11 Big Small

On 13-15 November 2015, the seminar was held in the International Academic Exchange Center, Northeast University. The seminar was co-hosted by International Association of Landscape Ecology-China and Landscape Ecology Professional Committee, Chinese Association of Ecology and undertaken by National Key Lab of Forest and Soil Sciences (in IAE) and National Key Lab of Central city and Regional Ecology and Institute of City and Environment, Beijing University. Three hundred persons from 75 institutions attended.

The opening ceremony was conducted by the vice chairman of IALE-China, Prof Yuanman Hu (IAE), the chairman of IALE-China gave opening remarks. The party secretary of IAE,Prof Changjie Jin expressed welcome to the attendants.

The subject of the seminar was innovation and development of landscape ecology in China.  Theory, Methods in landscape ecology, the frontier and advancement in typical landscape: forest, agriculture, wetland, mountain, Carst all were discussed. The honorary Chairman, Academician Bojie Fu gave a special report on The Inspiration of Development of Geography. He reviewed the development of landscape ecology and its relations with geography, illustrated the cross and fuse between the two disciplines.

The 4 sub-subjects:Theory and Method for landscape Ecology,Changes of Landscape patterns and driving force, Spatial Ecological process and Applications of Landscape Ecology were reported and discussed in special groups. Posters were also exhibited on 12 panels.

The most attracting event in the seminar was the foundation, Election and issue of IALE-China Duxue Award. Six post-graduates from Ecological and Environmental Center, CAS, Beijing University, IAE, CAS and Lanzhou University were awarded. The Honorary Chairman of IALE-China Duning Xiao did Signing and selling his book to raise funds for the award.

Council members and business agents of IALE-China had a meeting. The meeting was conducted by the Chairman, Prof Liding Chen, The secretary Xiuzhen Li reported the work of the society in the 2 passed years. The vice-chairman, Prof Yuanman Hu reported the affairs on IALE-China Duxue Award. It was decided that the next seminar-ninth China’s Seminar will be hosted by Guangzhou University.

The representative papers in the seminar will be published in Applied Ecology.