Technology Integration and Demonstration of Safe Application of Crop Field with Exceed- Standard Cadmium and Lead Content in Typical North China Irrigated Areas Started

Release Time:2016-01-21 Big Small

On 14 January 2016, a meeting was held in Shenyang to start the program. The vice Director of IAE, Prof Jiaojun Zhu presented and gave welcome speech. He expressed that the institute will support the program and hope young scientists would be trained in the process of program execution. The meeting was conducted by Prof Xibai Zeng from Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

The chief Scientist of the program, Prof Daoyou Huang introduced the whole picture of the program. The responsible scientist, Prof Yi Shi in IAE reported the major goal, program design and task division. The goal, design, content and implementation plan for the respective tasks were also reported. The members in expert group made inquiries. They suggested that whole design of the program was feasible, but the cooperation among task groups should be improved. Prof Daoyou Huang summarized the ideas expressed by the group members and experts, affirmed the pilot work for the program and pointed out that the final results were not only single techs, but tech models.

The team members for the program made discussions on the ideas of the experts and made clear the key points in the future work, and expressed that they will strengthen the coordination and data sharing among task groups to guarantee the implementation of the whole program. Finally, on behalf of the research team, Prof YiShi clearly expressed that they will further condense the goals of the program, improve the implementation, increase the benefit of the research results and enhance the ability of the team in serving the nation’s goal and satisfying the local needs.