Prof HE Yan, a member of leading Party group, vice Secretary of CAS surveyed Erguna Research Station IAE

Release Time:2017-07-26 Big Small

On 13 July, Prof HE Yan, accompanied by LI Jing, the vice director of Beijing Branch, Prof ZHU Jiaojun, the vice director and party secretary JIN Changjie of IAE and the leaders of the station, surveyed Erguna Forest- Steppe Ecotope Ecosystem Research Station, IAE.

On the forum held in the station, Prof ZHU Jiaojun introduced the general situation, recent reformation measures and primed work of IAE, Prof HAN Xingguo, the honorary director of the station introduced the major research field, success and anticipated development of the station.

HE Yan fully confirmed the achievement of IAE and the station. He pointed out that according to theThirteenth Five Year Development Plan of CAS, the deployment of some major innovation field will be strengthened, high-level innovation talents will be attracted, institute classification and location will be further promoted so as to produce some major innovation results. The institutes of CAS should take major science tasks and promote Three Majors as keynote, comprehensively ascertain the task of the Thirteenth Five Year Plan. The institutes should actively adapt to the request of the national strategy in development that driven by innovation and construction of the world strong nation in science and technology. The Three Orientations and Four First put forward by Chairman XI Jinping should be put in fact. The institutes should actively promoted the reform in science and technology regime, trigger the innovation energy and promote the development of science and technology innovation. Field research stations are important base of basic research of CAS. Erguna Station, as a newly constructed station, should be further ascertain the position and scientific values, do well the long-term observation and research work, strengthen science popularization, increase the influence on the society, ensure more innovation output, innovation effect and innovation ability. 

After the forum, HE Yan had an excursion on the sample plots, understood the goal, significance and research results. He pointed out that the work had significance in the prediction of the effect of global change and further development of Hulunbeir Steppe and the whole country’s development of husbandry. He hoped that the station will make more contributions to the development of ecological science and husbandry of China.