Seminar on Eco-restoration of North-China Agriculture-Husbandry- Forest Transitional Zone and Regional Development

Release Time:2017-08-14 Big Small

The seminar held in Erguna Research Station on 18-21 Julys, 2017 was co-sponsored by IAE and Inner-Mongolian Academy of Agriculture and Husbandry. The seminar was conducted by the director of the station, Prof WANG Zhengwen and the vice director , Prof LV Xiaotao. Scholars in the field of agriculture, husbandry, forestry and grassland were invited to the seminar from US, Australia, Swiss and China. 

On the seminar, Prof YANG Guijun from University of Western Australia and Prof LV Zhanyuan from Inner-Mongolian Academy of Agriculture and Husbandry reported respectively on agriculture development in Australia and ecological restoration and re-construction of degraded agriculture-husbandry transitional zone in North China. Prof WU Jianguo from Arizona State University discussed the geo-morphology and landscape of Hulunbeir Steppe, entitled as Landscape Ecology and Science of Sustainable Development.  Prof YU Deyong from Beijing Normal University discussed the functions of North China Agriculture and Husbandry Transitional Zone in providing ecological services. Prof CHEN Baodong from Ecological Environment Center, CAS, Prof LI Junmin and Prof YU Feihai from Taizhou Institute discussed on the invasion of exotic plants and symbiosis and parasitism of plants. Prof CHENG Weixin from IAE reported Climate Change, Soil Carbon Sink, Management Measure and Their  Interrelationships. Prof LI Maihe from Swiss Forest, Snow and Landscape Research Institute reported the physiological and ecological mechanisms of the formation of high mountain forest line. Prof TANG Jianwei from Xishuangbanna Botanical Garden and Prof HUANG Jianhui from Institute of Botany, CAS discussed the functions and roles of Nitrogen-fixing plant in forest and steppe ecosystems. Prof GAO Yingzhi from Northeast Normal University and Prof CHEN Shiping from Institute of Botany, CAS discussed the roles of water in the productivity of crops and grasslands.

Other attendants include persons from Nanjing University, Inner Mongulia University, Dalian University for Nationalities and Wind-Sand Research Institute of Liaoning Agricultural Academy. About 50 scholars and graduate students attended the seminar. Some local authority persons presented. Finally, the honorary director of the station, Prof HAN Xingguo highly evaluated the significance of the seminar and sincerely invited interested scholars and specialists come to the station developing their research work.