Erguna Station is Awarded the Plaque of ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base’ by Erguna Municipal Committee

Release Time:2018-07-04 Big Small

On June 15, a plaque-awarding ceremony was held at the Erguna Forest-Steppe Ecotone Research Station (hereinafter referred to as “Erguna Station”). LI Fenghua, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and minister of Municipal Organization Department of Erguna City (i.e., Ergun City), Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, awarded Erguna Station the plaque of “Erguna Ecological Grassland Development and Innovation Base”. Erguna Station received the honor in December 2017 in the selection of the 3rd Hulunbeier Talents’ Innovation Base.

At 11 a.m., minister LI awarded the plaque to Erguna Station on behalf of the Organization Department of Erguna Municipal Committee. The head of Erguna Station, Prof. WANG Zhengwen, accepted the plaque. All attendees to the ceremony took a photo.

Subsequently, Prof. WANG accompanied minister LI and his entourage to visit the infrastructure of the station, including laboratories, the lecture hall, the library, the specimen room, the dormitory and the canteen. Prof. WANG briefed on the background and establishment history of Erguna Station as well as on main functions, tasks and the progress of work at the Station.

Prof. WANG said that Erguna Station has always attached great importance to scientific popularization and the cooperation with local governments and enterprises, has been actively exploring the problems in the development of local agriculture, animal husbandry and ecological civilization construction, remains committed to meeting the local needs for science and technology, and has carried out fruitful cooperation with Heishantou Town, Shangkuli Farm, the Education Bureau of Erguna City and Erguna National Wetland Park.

Minister LI was satisfied with the progress of work at Erguna station and was deeply impressed by the initiative and concrete actions of Erguna station for the development of local economy and education. He asked the Party Committee Secretary of Heishantou Town LI Kun and the town mayor WANG Xuejun to always pay attention to the development and demands of Erguna Station and to attach great importance to the cooperation with Erguna Station. Minister Li hoped Erguna would pay more attention to the needs of local economic development and ecological construction (e.g., environmental protection, agriculture and animal husbandry economy as well as the development of resources beneath forest canopy) while working on the theoretical studies of ecology. He also hoped Erguna Station would better connect with relevant local departments and make new contributions to local economic development and ecological civilization construction.