IAE and Shouguang Municipal Government jointly establish Facility Agriculture Research Center

Release Time:2018-07-04 Big Small

On June 14th, the signing and plaque-unveiling ceremony of the Shouguang Facility Agriculture Research Center of the Institute of Applied Ecology (IAE) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Center’) was held at the Shouguang R&D Center of the National Modern Vegetable Seed Industry Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base. IAE and the Shouguang Municipal Government of Shandong Province jointly established this Center. The inaugural meeting of the center council was held at the same time.

People who attended the ceremony include ZHAO Xuchun (Deputy Secretary of the Shouguang Municipal Party Committee, Mayor), YAO Qingxiao (Standing Committee Member of the Shouguang Municipal Party Committee, Deputy Mayor), WANG Lijun (Deputy mayor of Shouguang City), leaders of the Organization Department, Agriculture Bureau, S&T Bureau and Finance Bureau of Shouguang City, Chairman of the Board of Shouguang Agricultural Development Group Ltd., XING Xiaoxu (Director of the S&T Promotion and Development Bureau of the Chinese Academy of Sciences), MA Yue (Vice President of the Shenyang Branch of the CAS), LI Ming (Assistant President and Director of the S&T Division of the Shenyang Branch, CAS), WANG Dongsheng (Executive Deputy Director of Shandong Comprehensive Technology Transformation Center of the Shenyang Branch, CAS), LIU Yong (Deputy Director of the Transformation Center), Jiang Mengdong (Director of Weifang Center), Prof. HAN Xingguo (Institute of Botany, CAS), Prof. LIU Zhaohui (Shandong Academy of Agricultural Science), Prof. ZHAO Tianhong (Shenyang Agricultural University), ZHU Jiaojun (Director of the Institute of Applied Ecology, CAS), FANG Yunting (Deputy Director of the IAE, CAS), and comrades from the S&T Division and the Shenyang Agricultural Research Station of the IAE, CAS.

The ceremony was presided over by WANG Lijun. ZHAO Xuchun and ZHU Jiaojun delivered speeches and jointly signed the S&T cooperation agreement for the establishment of this new Center. Subsequently, ZHAO Xuchun and MA Yuehong jointly unveiled the plaque of the Center.

ZHAO Xuchun pointed out that the establishment of the center will play an important role in effectively improving the ecological and environmental quality of Shouguang City, promoting the quality and efficiency of Shouguang vegetable industry, and developing the regional agriculture industry. Shouguang Municipal Committee will fully cooperate with IAE by providing funds, policies and facilities in order to build the Center into a world-class facility agriculture research center which involves in talent development and technology research and promotion functions, ZHAO said.

Director ZHU Jiaojun told attendees that IAE is among the first batch of ‘Featured Institutes’ of CAS (in the field of ‘Ecological Civilization Construction’), and has strong research strength and rich practical experience in Sustainable Agricultural Development and Eco-environment Improvement. The jointly-established Center is one of the important manifestations of IAE's service for local economic development. The IAE will fully support the Center in terms of talent resources and the transformation of S&T achievements.

The inaugural meeting of the center council was presided over by YAO Qingxiao. The meeting elected the chairman, the vice chairman, the secretary-general, the director, the deputy director and members of the Center.

The newly elected director of the Center, Prof. CHEN Xin of the IAE, CAS, reported on the Center’s construction and development plans, functional orientation and operation mechanism. The members of the center council gave comments and suggestions on the future work and development planning of the Center.

After the ceremony and meeting, Director ZHU, accompanied by YAO, visited Shouguang Inspection & Testing Center and Shouguang Modern Agriculture High-tech Demonstration Zone (Phase,II).