Prof. WANG Zhengwen Visits Eco-Industrial Base of Zhongjun Company

Release Time:2018-09-05 Big Small

On August 20th, invited by Ms. QIAN Ruixia, general manager of the North Zhongjun Investment Co., Ltd. and former mayor of Erguna City, Professor WANG Zhengwen, head of Erguna Forest-Steppe Ecotone Research Station of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, paid a visit to the Chenbaerhuqi grassland eco-industrial base in Hulunbeier City to investigate and discuss cooperation matters.

Ms. QIAN firstly talked to Prof. WANG about the situation of Zhongjun Investment Company, the Chenbarhuqi Grassland Eco-Industrial Base Project as well as the “PPP” operation mode of the project (namely the Public-Private-Partnership mode). Prof. WANG talked about the achievements and experience the research station obtained in the past 10 years in grassland restoration and management, and stated that the future plans in degraded grassland restoration, grassland sustainable utilization, artificial grassland establishment and management, herbal plant resources exploration, biodiversity conservation, germplasm resources protection, wild edible fungi cultivation and the demonstration of refined, intelligent eco-industrial unit for prataculture and animal Husbandry. Prof. WANG said that he was looking forward to cooperating with Zhongjun Investment Co., Ltd.

Ms. QIAN said that she was very interested in the research and technology products of Erguna Station and she believed that both parties had good cooperation potential. At the end of the meeting, Prof. WANG was invited to be an expert in the eco-industrial project of the company.

Zhongjun Company is positioned as an eco-industrial service provider and its mission is to provide a package of services including top-level design, investment and financing, project incubation, brand marketing and operation management for promoting the green development of the regional economy.

The Chenbaerhuqi Grassland Eco-industrial Base Project is planned to build the town into a demonstration area of China's modern prataculture and animal Husbandry. The core start-up area covers an area of 169 hectares with a total investment of 870 million yuan. The construction includes the infrastructure of the town, the public service facilities of the industrial park and the facilities for cultural heritage protection. It is not only a unique town, but also an industrial park and a 5A-level (the highest level) scenic attraction. The grassland ecological laboratory that is planned to be built will focus on natural grassland conservation, grassland restoration technology study, grassland germplasm resources protection, biodiversity conservation, grassland plant application research and promotion. Therefore, it has a broad prospect for cooperation between the two parties.