Professor Sarah Hobbie Visits Qingyuan Station

Release Time:2019-07-22 Big Small

At the invitation of the Qingyuan Forest Ecosystem Research Station of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Qingyuan Station for short), Sarah Hobbie, member of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and professor of the University of Minnesota, accompanied by ZHU Jiaojun, chief of the Qingyuan Station, ZHU Weixing, the CAS Special-Term Researcher and professor of the State University of New York and Prof. WANG Gaofeng from Clemson University, visited Qingyuan Station from June 28th to 29th, 2019.

In the lecture hall of Qingyuan Station, ZHU Jiaojun first talked to the visitors about Qingyuan Station’s history, research objectives, research directions and progresses, major achievements and future development goals of Qingyuan Station. Subsequently, Dr. GAO Tian and Dr. LIU Dongwei respectively gave talks about the experimental designs, research contents and progresses of ??the LiDAR monitoring tower network platform and the field warming experiment platform, both located in the secondary forests of Qingyuan station.

Afterwards, Sarah Hobbie, ZHU Weixing and others made a field trip to the tower network platform, the warming platform and the forest gap plots. The accompanying personnel introduced in detail to visitors the LiDAR system, the Eddy flux and full profile system for atmospheric concentration monitoring carried on the observation towers, as well as the experimental layout and monitoring instruments of the warming platform. Sarah Hobbie and ZHU Weixing affirmed and praised the tower network and warming platforms, discussed with the accompanying personnel during the field trip, and put forward constructive opinions on the layouts of the experiments.