Professor WEI Xiaohua from the University of British Columbia Visits IAE and Qingyuan Station

Release Time:2019-11-13 Big Small

Between October 22 and 24, Professor WEI Xiaohua from the University of British Columbia and Dr. LIAO Yingchun from Nanchang Institute of Technology visited the Institute of Applied Ecology (IAE) and Qingyuan Forest Ecosystem Research Station of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

On October 23, in the lecture hall of Qingyuan Station, YU Lizhong, deputy head of Qingyuan Station, informed the visitors of the history, research directions, main achievements and future development goals of the station. Afterwards, Professor WEI Xiaohua and other visitors took a field trip to see the LiDAR-tower network facility, the in-situ warming experiment plots and the forest hydrology monitoring facility. During the field trip, the visitors were introduced to detailed experimental information, including the data center, the hydrological monitoring at different watershed scales, the LiDAR system and Eddy flux & full-profile atmospheric concentration monitoring system mounted on the tower network, as well as the plot layout and instruments of the warming experiment. Prof. WEI praised the research facilities and put forward constructive opinions on relevant experiments.

On October 24 at IAE, ZHU Jiaojun, director of IAE, gave the visitors an overview of the history, discipline features, achievements and development strategy of IAE. Professor WEI Xiaohua then gave a talk entitled “the advance and challenges of ecohydrological studies in large forested watersheds” with an introduction of his own research background and research directions. After the talk, Professor WEI had an in-depth discussion with the researchers being present on a series of topics such as the response of forest hydrology to climate change, the impacts of forest vegetation on hydrology, hydrology monitoring at different ecological scales. Afterwards, the two sides signed a scientific & technological cooperation agreement. The cooperation agreement mainly involves the joint study of forest hydrological processes and water resources in Liaodong Mountain Area, the exchange of scientific and technological information, and personnel exchanges and training.

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