Three Scientists of IAE Win Titles of "Liaoning Academic Head Goose"

Release Time:2019-12-16 Big Small

Recently, the Liaoning Provincial Association of Science and Technology announced the first batch of 32 "Liaoning Academic Head Geese". ZHU Jiaojun, WU Zhijie and GUO Shuhai of the Institute of Applied Ecology (IAE) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences were given the titles.

"Liaoning Academic Head Geese" is a top-notch talent selection project deployed by the Liaoning Science and Technology Association. Its main task is to select a group of top-notch S&T talents in the field of natural sciences such as basic science, technical science, engineering technology, and especially in the advanced disciplines and key industries of Liaoning province. The selected talents should have great academic accomplishments, superb academic abilities and high moral standards. The aims are to advance the promotion of these S&T talents, help them become the national-level outstanding talents (e.g. academicians), and provide intellectual support for the comprehensive revitalization of Liaoning province, one of the most important old industrial bases of China.

Liaoning Provincial Association of Science and Technology will support these talentsacademic exchanges, academic investigations, scientific popularization and S&T service activities. The Association will also encourage and support them to serve national academic societies, establish sub-branches and host academic conferences of these national societies in Liaoning province.