Meetings of the Ecological Society of Liaoning Province Held at IAE

Release Time:2019-12-25 Big Small

On December 12, 2019, the sixth member meeting and the first meeting of the sixth council of the Ecological Society of Liaoning Province (LNESC) were held at the Institute of Applied Ecology (IAE), Chinese Academy of Sciences. More than 100 people attended the meetings. The meetings were co-chaired by researcher YU Dapao and YAN Qiaoling from IAE.

At the beginning of the meeting, CHEN Yang from the Liaoning Association of Science and Technology, JI Lanzhu, chairman of the Fifth Council of LNESC, and Fang Yunting, deputy director of IAE, delivered speeches respectively.

JI Lanzhu, on behalf of the Fifth Council of LNESC, reviewed the achievements the society has made in the past five years in talent training, science popularization and other social services. YU Dapao, the secretary-general of the Fifth Council of LNESC, made a Financial Status Report. The sixth council members of LNESC were then elected by secret ballot, announcing that the sixth council of the society was formally founded.

At the first meeting of the Sixth Council, the election of the society's chairman, vice-chairman, and secretary-general was held by secret ballot as well. The legal representative of the society was also elected and given the appointment letter.

The chairman and legal representative of the society is now ZHU Jiaojun, who is also vice chairman of Chinese Ecological Society and director of IAE. The vice-chairmen of the Sixth Council of LNESC include Professor FU Wantao of Dalian Ocean University, Professor LI Haibo of Northeastern University, Professor WANG Yucheng of Shenyang Agricultural University, Professor SONG Youtao of Liaoning University, Researcher FENG Liangshan of Liaoning Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Researcher WANG Yansong of Liaoning Eco-Environmental Protection Science and Technology Center, Professor YANG Ming of Shenyang Normal University. The secretary-general is researcher YAN Qiaoling.

At the end of the meeting, ZHU Jiaojun made a speech on behalf of the Sixth Council. He proposed that LNESC will be built as a better communication and service-providing platform for the majority of ecological science & technology workers, that the Internet, big data and social media will be used to promote the development of the society, and that the existing field experimental stations and science popularization bases will be upgraded to establish the Liaoning League of Ecological Science Popularization Bases. The LNESC will actively take part in the scientific and technological innovation, and better support Liaoning's ecological civilization development and serve the people and society.

The Ecological Society of Liaoning Province is a provincial branch of the Chinese Ecological Society and affiliated to the Liaoning Association of Science and Technology. It is a social organization voluntarily formed by the ecological science and technology workers in Liaoning. The LNESC is registered in accordance with the law and has legal personality. At present, there are 155 registered members. This meeting summarized the main work of the previous council, and elected the new council. The new council has deployed its recent tasks, and will start a new journey of the society.