IAE hosts its 16th Open-to-Public Day

Release Time:2020-06-05 Big Small

From May 23 to 24, 2020, the Institute of Applied Ecology (IAE) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) hosted its 16th Open-to-Public Day. Themed "Take an On-line Visit to IAE, Imagine a New Life," this year's Open Day only provided on-line forms. On-line visitors can take part in activities such as "Science Open Class," "Scientific mini-Experiment" or enter "Video-Audio Hall" to explore the Science and Technology World and enjoy colorful home life.

YUAN Haisheng, head of the Herbarium of Northeast China, and Huang Yanqing, senior engineer of the Shenyang Arboretum introduced the herbarium and the arboretum, respectively. On-line visitors can also find some interesting or touching stories about the two research bases.

Following ZHANG Yue and Cao Ting, on-line visitors can learn how to do some mini-experiments at home. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and make a plant specimen, plant mushrooms and do DNA extraction by yourself!

In the "Science Open Class" session, senior engineer LI Wei will talk to you about some stories about moss.

In the "Science and Technology Projection Room," on-line visitors can see animations to decode the secret knowledge of "fertilizers".

This year's Open Day is the first time that IAE has joined hands with the Internet to do science popularization. It is hoped that through this form, more people can enjoy the charm of science. It is also hoped that the on-line Open Day can make some contributions to the improvement in the people's scientific literacy, the country's independent innovation capability, and the development of the whole society.