LIU Wenfu, General Manager of North China Pharmaceutical Corporation, Visits IAE

Release Time:2020-06-30 Big Small

On June 18, 2020, LIU Wenfu, general manager of North China Pharmaceutical Corporation (NCPC), leading a delegation of seven people, Academy of Sciences for potential collaborative project negotiation. FANG Yunting, deputy director of IAE, WANG Xugao, head of the S&T Division of IAE, Prof. HU Jiangchun, Prof. XU Hui, Prof. XU Mingkai, Associate researcher PAN Huaqi, assistant researcher SUN Hao, attended the project negotiation meeting. The meeting was chaired by WANG Xugao.

FANG Yunting, on behalf of IAE, warmly welcomed LIU Wenfu and the delegation. He introduced the development history and part of IAE's scientific and research findings, and happily recalled that he once led a delegation to visit NCPC in 2018. WANG Kehua, general manager of Ainuo Co., Ltd., NCPC, on behalf of the company, expressed the wish to boost the commercialization of IAE's scientific and research findings, including 'Methyltrophic Bacillus 9912' and other bio-pesticides and bio-fertilizers.

HU Jiangchun, PAN Huaqi, XU Hui, SUN Hao, and XU Mingkai, one by one, gave the following talks: "Research and Development of Novel Bacillus-biopesticides," "Green Bio-manufacturing of Brefeldin and its Industrial System Construction," "New Technology of Vitamin C Fermentation and its Waste Resources Recycling," Mutant Drosophila Drug Screening Platform” and Originally Innovative research on Anti-tumor Immunotherapy Drug 2M-118.” Then, the NCPC delegates conducted lively discussions with IAE scientists on these potential collaborative projects.

Afterwards, Liu Wenfu gave an introduction to IAE scientists about the history and development status of NCPC. He highlighted the role of biopharmaceuticals in the strategic development of NCPC. He said that he was very impressed by the scientific and research findings of IAE, and that he admired the scientific spirit of the scientists who all devoted more than ten years to their research. He looks forward to deepening cooperation by integrating NCPC's industrialization capabilities with IAE's scientific and technological innovation capabilities. In addition to the five projects mentioned above, he expected more cooperation with IAE in areas such as environmental and soil remediation.

Finally, FANG Yunting made a concluding remark. He hopes that the two sides take their advantages to carry out comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in multiple industries and disciplines. He recommended to accelerate the cooperation via establishing joint laboratories and starting new collaborative projects.

After the meeting, the NCPC delegation paid a visit to the IAE's Molecular Biology Laboratory and the Shenyang Key Laboratory for Superantigen Research. XU Mingkai, deputy director of the Superantigen Lab, introduced the laboratory's talent team, latest scientific and research results, as well as the commercialization status of their scientific and research findings.