IAE Scientists Provide Technical Training on Conservation Tillage in Liaoyang

Release Time:2020-08-01 Big Small

On the morning of July 3, experts from the Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences provided on-site training and guidance on conservation tillage techniques to more than 40 people including agricultural extension staff in towns and villages in Liaoyang County and the heads of agricultural cooperatives.

The event was organized by the Liaoyang Science and Technology Bureau, with an aim to promote the implementation of the 'Conservation Farming Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement' signed between Liaoyang Municipal Peoples Government and IAE, to popularize the IAE's Corn Straw Mulching & Conservation Tillage techniquesand to promote the sustainable agricultural development in Liaoyang City.

This training was supported powerfully by the Shenyang Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Construction Engineering Center of the Modern Agricultural Production Base in Liaoning Province, the Modern Agricultural Service Center of Changtu County, Tieling City, and Beijing Debang Dawei Technology Co., Ltd.

Scientist Dr. ZHANG Xudong gave a talk entitled 'The Significance and Role of Conservation Tillage in Liaoning Province', emphasizing the severe status of black soil degradation and the advantages of Liaoning Province in developing conservation tillage techniques. By taking corn stalk mulching and no-tillage as an example, he detailed described the role and function of conservation tillage to help the participants enhance their understanding of conservation tillage and related knowledge such as farming regimes in black soil areas.