SUN Bo, WEI Wenxue and WANG Jingkuan Visit IAE for Academic Exchanges

Release Time:2020-10-13 Big Small

On September 20, 2020, Prof. SUN Bo from the Nanjing Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Prof. WEI Wenxue from the Institute of Subtropical Agriculture of CAS and Prof. WANG Jingkuan from Shenyang Agricultural University were invited to come to the Institute of Applied Ecology (IAE) of CAS for academic exchanges. More than 40 research scientists and postgraduates, including Fang Yunting, deputy director of IAE, listened to the academic talks given by the three professors.

Prof. SUN Bo's talk was about Red Soil Aggregate Bio-network and Nutrient Transformation. He examined the "interaction between (soil) aggregation and carbon transformation and accumulation" and the "interaction of aggregate carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus nutrient pools and nematode-microbial network co-evolution," and pointed out that the improvement of arable land fertility, the regulation of soil biological functions and soil health research will be hotspots in the field of international green development research in the future.

Prof. WEI Wenxue's talk was about the "Distribution Characteristics of Farmland Soil Microbes and Denitrification Populations." His research compared microbial community structure and denitrification microbial composition and abundance in different soil types, revealing the distribution characteristics and driving factors of farmland soil microbes, which is of great significance to the improvement of farmland soil health and quality.

Prof. WANG Jingkuan, who has conducted 30 years of long-term research on "the influence of plastic film mulching on soil fertility," gave a talk entitled "soil fertility evolution under long-term mulching conditions and geographical-scale soil fertility improvement techniques." He found that plastic film mulching plays an important role in maintaining soil moisture and temperature, and can effectively increase crop yield in areas with low average annual temperature and precipitation, such as in Xinjiang and Northeast China. In addition, Prof. WANG highlighted the problems and solutions of plastic film mulching that can guide soil quality protection and crop yield enhancement.

These talks raised the interest of the participants in related research and helped them learn about more new techniques and methods. After the symposium, Prof. Sun Bo and Prof. Wei Wenxue inspected the IAE's Conservation Tillage R&D Base in Lishu County, Jilin Province. Prof. Zhang Xudong of IAE introduced in detail the layout of the experiment, scientific questions to be answered and its guiding significance in practice. Prof. Sun highly appraised IAE's achievements in conservation tillage research and the scientists who conducted the research for more than ten years.