Party Members of IAE Attend Black Land Forum and Visit Core Demonstration Area of Lishu Corn Production Base

Release Time:2021-01-04 Big Small

From December 18 to 19, 2020, more than 40 researchers and graduate students of the Soil Ecology and Agricultural Ecological Engineering Research Center of the Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (hereinafter referred to as the Agricultural Center) participated in the 6th Lishu Black Land Forum held at the Jilin Lishu Experimental Station of China Agricultural University.  

At the "Lishu Model" Applied Technology Commendation Conference, many researchers and graduate students from the Agricultural Center were commended for their work at the CAS Conservation Farming Research and Development Base. 

Prof. Xie Hongtu, party member of the Agricultural Center, spoke as a representative of researchers at the commendation conference. He looked back on the development of conservation farming and looked ahead to the future of conservation farming. His own hard-working experience inspired scientific and technological workers and graduate students to do better work on the protection of the black soil. A number of graduate students from the Agricultural Center reported their own research progress, and conducted academic exchanges with experts and scholars from China Agricultural University, Jilin Agricultural University, Northeast Institute of Geography and Agroecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Jilin Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Northeast Normal University, and Jilin Normal University, etc. 

After the academic forum, members of the Agricultural Center paid a field visit to the core demonstration area of the National One Million mu of Green Food Raw Material (Corn) Standardized Production Base in Lishu County. They walked along the route of General Secretary XIs visit in Lishu on July 22, 2020, reviewed and deeply understood General Secretary's important speech on the protection of black soil. With great excitement, they learned on the spot about the black soil protection measures and the advanced practical experience of "Lishu model," and they deeply felt General Secretary's foresight to implement the modern agricultural and national food security strategies.  

Party members of the Agricultural Center all expressed that they will thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary XI's important instructions, conscientiously publicize and promote the "Lishu model," strengthen agricultural science and technology innovation, "write academic papers on the land of northeast China (do research to solve practical problems)" in order to effectively protect the black land, the "giant panda in arable land," and make good use of it so that it will sustainably benefit the people.