Prof. ZHANG Xudong Is Awarded The Title of Role Model of Scientific and Technological Workers In Liaoning Province

Release Time:2021-01-19 Big Small

The Liaoning Provincial Association for Science and Technology recently announced the selection results of the 2020 Scientific and Technological Role Models in Liaoning (the "Most Beautiful" Scientific and Technical Workers). Prof. Zhang Xudong from the Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences was awarded this honorary title. In 2020, Liaoning Province selected 10 "Liaoning Role Models. Most Beautiful Scientific and Technological Workers" to commend these outstanding representatives of the vast number of scientific and technological workers in Liaoning Province who contributed to fight against the COVID-19 epidemic, poverty, and performed technological innovation. 

Prof. Zhang Xudong has been engaged in the research, optimization and promotion of conservation tillage for more than 10 years. To solve problems of black soil degradation, he established the first conservation tillage research and development base in Northeast China (i.e., the Conservation Tillage Research and Development Base of the Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences), and developed the "Lishu Model" innovatively. In 2019, Vice Premier HU Chunhua twice inspected the Conservation Tillage R&D Base. The work of Prof. Zhang's team was highly recognized, and promoted the formulation and implementation of the National Action Plan for Black Soil Conservation Tillage in Northeast China (2020-2025). 

The "Liaoning Province Modern Conservation Tillage R&D, Innovation and Application" team led by Prof. Zhang Xudong was selected as the High-level Innovation Team of the 2020 Liaoning Revitalization Talents Program, and was approved to establish Liaoning Provincial Key Laboratory of Modern Conservation Tillage and Ecological Agriculture in the same year. Also, Prof. Xie Hongtu, a member of the team, won many honorary titles such as the 2019 Shenyang "Most Beautiful" Rural Scientific and Technological Worker and the 2020 Outstanding Scientific and Technological Worker in Liaoning Province. Many team members were awarded the title of "Outstanding Experts" because of their contributions to black soil protection and agricultural modernization.