Directors of Ordos Science and Technology Bureau Meet With Scientific and Technological Innovation Team of IAE

Release Time:2021-03-15 Big Small

On the morning of March 8, Party Secretary and Director BIAN Dong and Deputy Director JIA Rujing of the Ordos Science and Technology Bureau met with Prof. Li Peijun and Prof. Li Xiaojun, two researchers of the Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Han Ying, general manager of Inner Mongolia Duorina Selenium-Tech Biotechnology Co., Ltd. The three sides held in-depth discussions on Public-Private Partnership for Scientific and Technological Innovation in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry. 

Li Peijun and Han Ying talked to the host about the current development situation of the "Agro-pastoral Ecotone Functional Agriculture Key Technology R&D" academician/expert workstation and the Duorina Selenium-Tech Biotechnology Corporation, and expressed willingness to make full use of the "Science and Technology to Rejuvenates Inner Mongolia" initiative to deepen cooperation with local governments and achieve win-win development by further promoting research and industrialisation of key agricultural technologies.  

Bian Dong extended welcome to the visiting researchers and entrepreneurs, and expressed his gratitude to Li Peijun and Li Xiaojun for joining the Ordos "Sci-tech experts" team. He learned about the technical route and industrial development status of the Duorina corporation, consulted the visitors for their suggestions on scientific and technological innovation environment in Ordos City, and gave a detailed introduction to government policies on scientific and technological innovation. Bian Dong said that Ordos City is vigorously implementing the "Science and Technology Rejuvenates Inner Mongolia" initiative in accordance with the deployment of the state and the (Inner Mongolia) autonomous region in order to promote rural revitalisation and accelerate the pace of agricultural modernisation, and that the academician/expert workstation is an excellent platform and a good starting point for scientific and technological cooperation in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry. He welcomed more top-notch scientists to collaborate with local enterprises in Ordos and promote the deep integration of high-level innovation projects into industrial chains. He encouraged the Duorina Corporation and the academician/expert workstation to deeply integrate into Ordos agricultural science and technology service system, and boosts the industrialisation of innovative scientific outputs. Bian said that the Ordos Science and Technology Bureau will continuously provide policy and financial support to solve the difficulties and problems encountered by the entrepreneurs and researchers in scientific and technological innovation, and promote their development. 

After the meeting, the science and technology team visited Otok Banner (鄂托克旗) and Jungar Banner (准格尔旗) of Ordos City.