IAE and Guoke Environmental Protection Corporation Sign Cooperation Agreement

Release Time:2021-03-15 Big Small

On March 5, chairman (Wu Guoyou), general manager (Yang Chaoxi) and deputy general manager (Zhang Xin) of Guoke Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. visited the Institute of Applied Ecology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to develop cooperation between the two parties. Zhuo Junchen, deputy director of IAE, Prof. Guo Shuhai, Prof. Yu Dapao, Prof. Xi Fengming, and Jing Hongshuang of the Science and Technology Division participated in the discussion. The meeting was chaired by Prof. Xi Fengming. 

At the beginning of the meeting, Zhuo Junchen extended a warm welcome to the visitors. Then he talked to the visitors about IAE's history, research directions, and academic achievements. He hoped to see the two parties give full play to their own advantages, jointly build a long-term cooperative relationship and a Public-Private Partnership for innovation in order to promote win-win development. 

Wu Guoyou outlined the organisation operation and business areas of the corporation. He said that the scope of the corporation's business domains includes (air, water, soil and solid waste) pollution control, ecological park management services, environmental protection consultation, environment and ecological resource monitoring,(ecological) planning, design and management, natural ecosystem conservation, geological survey and geological disaster control services, etc. He was optimistic that the two parties will make full use of their respective advantages (engineering vs. innovative technology) and jointly establish a long-term cooperative relationship. 

Prof. Guo Shuhai stated that the National and Provincial Joint Engineering Laboratory for Bio-physico-chemical Remediation of Contaminated Soil will make full use of its technical and intellectual advantages; combined with the resources advantages of Guoke Enviro-Protection Corporation, its scientific research outputs will be transformed into productivity as soon as possible. He suggested that the two parities focus on the needs of soil remediation and pollution control industry, strengthen cooperation and human resources training, improve the level of scientific research and the practical application of scientific outputs. 

Prof. Xi Fengming restated that the two parties should follow market laws, create mutual benefits, realise resource sharing, accelerate technical research, product development and industrialization, give full play to respective advantages, and jointly build a Public-Private Partnership for Innovation. 

At the end of the meeting, Zhuo Junchen and Wu Guoyou signed a framework agreement for cooperation, which marks the establishment of a mutual development relationship in the field of ecology and environmental protection.