Eighth Members Meeting of Shenyang Botany Society is Held at IAE

Release Time:2021-03-24 Big Small

On the afternoon of March 16, 2021, the 8th members' meeting of Shenyang Botany Society (SBS) was held at the Institute of Applied Ecology (IAE), Chinese Academy of Sciences. The eighth council members, supervisors and the legal representative of the society were elected at this meeting. The meeting was co-sponsored by SBS and IAE, and was organised by the Arboretum of IAE. More than 110 people from more than 50 organisations in Shenyang, including member representatives from research institutes, universities, primary and secondary schools, and enterprises, attended the meeting. Chen Wei, deputy secretary-general of the 7th council of the society presided over the meeting.  

Zhu Jiaojun, director of IAE, delivered an opening speech. Cao Wei, secretary-general of the 7th council, made a report, detailing the general situation of the society, the main achievements achieved, and the preparations for the next council of the society. Cao Chengyou read out the election procedure, which was subsequently approved by the society members attending the meeting. Yumin Dong read out the candidates for the 8th council.  

At the meeting, Fang Yunting was elected as the eighth chairman of Shenyang Botany Society. In addition, six vice chairmen (Chen Wei, Yuan Haisheng, Lu Qingxuan, Zhou Guangzhu, Ruan Yanan, Zhou Wenqiang), a secretary-general (Zhang Yue), a deputy secretary-general (Hao Guangyou) and 36 council members who come from roughly 30 organisations were elected at the meeting. The new council appointed He Xingyuan, former chairman of the society, as the honorary chairman. 

Wang Wenge, head of Science and Society Division of the Municipal Science and Technology Association of Shenyang, expressed his sincere congratulations to the new council. Fang Yunting expressed his gratitude to members of the 7th council. He stated that the new council will, with the joint efforts of its all members, unite and forge ahead, actively innovate in science, and do a better job to promote the development of the society. 

At the meeting, Prof. Zeng Songjun from the South China Botanical Garden of the Chinese Academy of Sciences gave a keynote talk entitled "Research on the Preservation and Sustainable Utilization of Paphiopedilum Germplasm Resources." 

After the meeting, the first meeting of the eighth council was held immediately and the new council members had a lively discussion on the future work of the society.