Matchmaking Event for Promoting Transformation of IAE's Scientific & Technological Achievements in Liaoning is Held

Release Time:2021-07-01 Big Small

On June 10, 2021, the Matchmaking Event for promoting local transformation of scientific and technological achievements of the Institute of Applied Ecology (IAE), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), was held in the Northeast China Science and Technology Grand Market.  

The event was organised by the Liaoning Provincial Department of Science and Technology, IAE, and the Shenyang Branch of CAS, and was hosted by the Northeast China Science and Technology Grand Market, the Science and Technology Bureaus of Multiple cities of Liaoning, and the Shen-Fu Reform Demonstration Zone. Du Binghai, deputy director of the Liaoning Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Ma Yuehong, deputy president of the Shenyang Branch of CAS, and Fang Yunting, deputy director of IAE, attended the meeting.  

Eleven experts from IAE, including Prof. Zhang Huiwen, Senior Engineer Lu Zongyun, Prof. Xu Hui, Prof. Hu Jiangchun, Prof. Xie Hongtu, Senior Engineer Li Guochen, Associate Researchers Pan Huaqi, Jiang Zhiyang, Yin Liming, Yin Yan, and Yang Liqiong, attended the event with their innovative, high-quality scientific and technological achievements. Representatives of more than 400 companies were present at the event. And more than 600 companies participated in the event through online video conference. 

Fang Yunting gave a talk on the overall situation of the institute. He said that, as an CAS institute with a history of 67 years, IAE has long been committed to conducting studies of mountains, rivers, forests, farmlands, lakes, grassland and sand lands. Scientists of IAE take the responsibility of building a beautiful China with green mountains and clear waters, and have made a large number of scientific and technological achievements. He hoped that this matchmaking event will transform IAE's outstanding S&T achievements into products and business services in Liaoning Province and contribute to the revitalization of science and technology and economic development of Liaoning. 

Ma Yuehong said that IAE has strong academic advantages in forestry, agriculture, and environmental research. If enterprises in Liaoning want to become powerful and go global with their business, the entrepreneurs must seize the power of science and technology and create distinctive and innovative products. She hoped that the matchmaking event will establish a long-term and normalized communication mechanism for entrepreneurs and scientists, so that the enterprises can better integrate with expert teams to promote their development. 

At the event hall, IAE's green food testing and functional food development technology, safe agricultural input technology, livestock and poultry breeding technology, stable fertilizer technology, active small-molecule detection and identification technology, conservation farming and other technologies are all favored by entrepreneurs. Finally, IAE successfully signed contracts on-site with enterprises concerning three technical projects: root nematode disease prevention in continuous cropped peanut fields, carbon sequestration and recycling of waste resources in (livestock and poultry) breeding industry, and negative oxygen ion generation equipment development. The total contract amount is estimated at 6.2 million yuan.