Shenyang Zhongke Ecological S&T Company is Established Formally

Release Time:2021-08-26 Big Small

On August 17, 2021, Shenyang Zhongke Ecological Sciences & Technology Co., Ltd. (or SZE for short) was formally established with the approval of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the Executive Committee of the Institute of Applied Ecology (IAE), CAS. The purpose of the establishment of this company is to achieve centralized and unified supervision of the IAE's operational state-owned assets, standardize corporate governance and investment progress, promote the transfer of scientific and technological achievements and the operation of intellectual property, and establish a firewall against risk for the institute. 

On the morning of August 17, 2021, the unveiling ceremony and first board meeting of SZE was held in the NO.2 meeting room of IAE. Zhu Jiaojun, director of IAE, Zhuo Junchen, deputy director of IAE, board members and the supervisor of SZE attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Li Shujun. 

At the beginning of the ceremony, Zhu Jiaojun and Li Shujun unveiled the plaque for the company, marking the asset management company's official start of operations. SZE completed the commercial registration on August 11. The registered capital was RMB 5 million yuan. Members of the board of directors are as follows: Li Shujun, Liu Li, Li Yongfeng, Fu Bin, and Yu Zhanyuan. Li Shenghe is the company supervisor. SZE's business scope involves technical services and development, technology transfer, technology promotion, intellectual property services, logistics management services, vehicle rental, etc. 

Zhu Jiaojun congratulated on the foundation of SZE and put forward important suggestions for SZE's operational development. First, he suggested that the companys main business should focus on the incubation of scientific and technological achievements and the operation of intellectual property, and that the resources of IAE and SZE should be integrated and optimized in order to provide services and support for the scientific and technological innovation of IAE and ensure the value of the state-owned assets can be maintained and increased. Second, he suggested that it is necessary to standardize and institutionalize the company's management, establish an effective linkage between innovation chain, industrial chain and capital chain, increase investment returns, and in turn contribute to the development of IAE. Third, he suggested that it is necessary to formulate and update the company's rules and regulations from time to time, strengthen internal control and management, ensure that the company's economic operations are implemented in accordance with the updated rules and regulations, and ensure that the company's board members and employees will be honest and self-disciplined in performing their duties. 

After the ceremony, the first board meeting of SZE was held. During the meeting, the members of the board listened to the work reports of the company, and passed the resolutions to invest in the Northeast China Carbon Neutral Industrial Technology Institute Co., Ltd. and implement the SZE's Vehicle Leasing Service & Operation Plan.