Researchers Develop and Mass-produce Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer for Corn Planting in Semi-arid Areas of Western Liaoning

Release Time:2022-06-24 Big Small

The research team undertaking the Black Soil & Granary scientific and technological project in Shenyang Demonstration Zone has developed a compound fertilizer for corn planting in the semi-arid, black soil areas in western Liaoning Province.

The enhanced efficiency fertilizer can fertilize soil and increase crop yield, and is beneficial to control land degradation and soil pollution in arid areas of western Liaoning. 

At present, the R&D team has begun mass production of this kind of fertilizer by using the production line of a local enterprise, and has carried out demonstration work in about 10 counties in Liaoning. 

Investigation of the seedling growth showed that the fertilizer can even improve the growth of corn seedlings under severe conditions. 

Despite of the severe spring drought and low temperature this year, the special fertilizer increased the emergence rate of corn seedlings by 13.4-18.2%, and increased the height of corn seedlings by 17.7-19.3%, compared with corn treated with conventional fertilizers. 

The fertilizer improves nutrient utilization rate by changing the release processes of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other elements. The water-retaining agent and the fertilizing agent can simultaneously enhance soil permeability, soil water- and fertilizer-retention, thereby improving the quality and stress resistance of crops.