Seminar on Emerging Disciplines Held at IAE

Release Time:2023-02-28 Big Small

On January 16, 2023, the Institute of Applied Ecology (IAE), Chinese Academy of Sciences, held a seminar to promote the development of emerging disciplines of the institute in the Fourteenth Five-Year Plan Period. Director Zhu Jiaojun, Deputy Director Fang Yunting, Deputy Director Zhuo Junchen, and some researchers of the institute attended the seminar. The meeting was chaired by Wang Xugao, head of the Science and Technology Division of IAE.

Director ZHU Jiaojun made a speech at the beginning of the seminar. He said developing emerging disciplines would be of great help to IAE's long-term development, and that the seminar could help young scientists focus on research fronts, carry out scientific research in a more targeted manner, and promote innovation in the institute.

Associate Professor LIANG Xiaolong gave a talk entitled "Soil Virus Ecology and Terrestrial Ecosystem Function." He gave an introduction to the frontiers, the scientific questions and findings in the research field, his own research plans, as well as a proposed study on "the mechanisms of soil virus driving microbial processes and carbon cycle". In the talk "Ecological Process in Winter", Assistant researcher Ge Xiaowen gave details of her research plan and her current research on temporal and spatial variations in the environmental factors in Northeast China in winter, the responses of soil processes to climate change, and the impacts of environmental conditions in winter on ecological processes in growing seasons.

The experts participating in the seminar listened carefully to these talks, and put forward their own opinions on IAE's development in new fields of study and in the aspects such as talent team building. They encouraged young scientists to publish in high impact journals, seize the moment and make full use of the existing platform and research conditions of the institute.  

The seminar was fully pragmatic and laid a good foundation for the development of emerging disciplines in the institute.