Symposium of Chinese Academy of Engineering's Strategic Research and Consulting Program on Black Soil Conservation Held in Shenyang

Release Time:2023-03-08 Big Small

On February 13, the symposium of the Strategic Research and Consulting Program of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the "Research on the Integrated Development Strategy for the Conservation and Utilization of Black Soil and the Protection and Conservation of Diverse Ecosystems", was held in Shenyang. 

The symposium was sponsored by the (Nanjing) Institute of Soil Science (ISS) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), and organized by the Institute of Applied Ecology (IAE) of CAS. Academician Zhang Jiabao of ISS, leader of the Program, together with the project investigators of the Program and some researchers from IAE, a total of more than 30 people, attended the symposium. The symposium was chaired by Academician Zhang.

Zhu Jiaojun, director of IAE, delivered a welcome speech on behalf of the organizers of the symposium. At the symposium, Wang Jingkuan, Guo Yuedong, Zhu Jiaojun and Yang Dianlin made project reports on the topics of "Arable status of black soil and its conservation and utilization", "Optimal allocation and ecological security of water and soil resources in black soil region", "Black soil conservation for Northeast China's forests and farmland shelterbelts" and "From Uniformity to Diversification -- pastoral ecology, black soil conservation, food security, nutrition and sustainable agricultural development", respectively. The speakers then had in-depth discussions with other experts participating in the symposium, who together generated an action plan to integrate the strategic idea of black soil conservation and utilization into the protection and conservation of diverse ecosystems.

Academician Zhang Jiabao emphasized that it is necessary to carry out research focusing on the conservation and utilization of black soil, the construction of farmland shelterbelts, and the conservation of wetland biodiversity, so as to promote the synergistic improvement of the quality of diverse ecosystems; and it is necessary to provide more consulting services to boost the implementation of the national food security strategy of "storing grains with high-techs and sufficient fields." He encouraged the researchers to provide key technical support in the prevention of soil degradation and improving ecological service functions of black soil to achieve the sustainable use of black soil resources.

After the meeting, the experts visited the Shenyang Demonstration Zone of the Black Soil & Granary Program of CAS, which covers a core experimental area of approximately 1,000-mu (666.7 square meter = 1 mu). In the demonstration zone, a meteorological station, a S&T Exhibition Hall and other facilities had been built or equipped for research. After the field visit, the experts praised IAE's scientists for their excellent work and achievements in implementing the "Black Soil & Granary" program.