IAE's Joint Innovation Team on Green Fertilizer R&D and Efficient Use of Soil Nutrient and Water Holds Seminar

Release Time:2023-05-22 Big Small

On April 27, 2023, the Joint Innovation Team on Efficient Utilization of Soil Nutrient and Water and Green Fertilizer R&D of the Institute of Applied Ecology (IAE), Chinese Academy of Sciences (hereinafter referred to as the "Joint Team") held a seminar discussing the techniques to improve Brown Soil fertility in the Liaohe Plain. SUN Zhanxiang, president of Liaoning Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and some experts from the Institute of Environmental Development of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Shenyang Agricultural University and IAE attended the seminar.

ZHUO Junchen, deputy director of IAE, expressed a sincere welcome to the experts attending the seminar, and put forward hopes for the development of the Joint Team. Professor YU Wantai introduced the purpose of this seminar. The experts attending the seminar conducted in-depth discussions on the improvement of degraded brown soil, the optimization of crop planting structure, the methods of increasing soil nutrient-water use efficiency and the thickness of fertile layer the soil, the development of new fertilizer products to improve soil fertility, and the integration and demonstration of tillage models.

WU Zhijie, senior researcher of IAE, presided over the seminar and made a summary of the seminar, which has strengthened the communication and exchanges between research teams and between researchers, and has laid a good foundation for black soil conservation and utilization research.