Academicians and Experts Direct Development of IAE's Agricultural Center and Changtu Experimental Station

Release Time:2023-05-22 Big Small

On May 6, 2023, the Institute of Applied Ecology (IAE), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), organized a meeting to discuss the construction of the Changtu Agricultural Experimental Station and the development planning of the institute's Soil Ecology and Agro-ecological Engineering Center. Academician CHEN Wenfu, Academician ZHAO Chunjiang, Academician ZHANG Jiabao, Academician ZHOU Wei and other experts in the field of agriculture were invited to form the advisory expert team.

The meeting was presided over by FANG Yunting, deputy director of IAE. ZHU Jiaojun, director of IAE, made a welcome speech and thanked the experts attending the meeting for their support and help to the institute. 

ZHU Jiaojun gave a detailed introduction to the overall situation of the institute. Professor LV Xiaotao, head of the Soil Ecology and Agro-ecological Engineering Center, reported on the main tasks and development plan of the center. Professor HE Hongbo, head of the Changtu Agricultural Experiment Station, reported on the construction progress, research direction and planning of the station.

The advisory experts put forward valuable suggestions on the building of talent team. They hoped that researchers could work together to meet national needs, give full play to regional advantages, and formulate a strategic planning.

After the meeting at IAE in Shenyang, the experts conducted an on-site inspection to the Changtu Agricultural Experiment Station. Senior Researcher ZHANG Xudong introduced the site selection, construction progress, experimental design, and long-term planning of the experimental station, and accompanied the experts to the Changtu Demonstration Zone of the "Black Soil & Granary"science and technology project of CAS.