Black Soil Conservation and Sustainable Agriculture: Insights from CAS' Research Initiatives

Release Time:2023-10-19 Big Small

The Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology recently unveiled the results of the 2023 National Key Research and Development Program’s special initiative on S&T Innovation for Black Soil Conservation and Utilization. The Institute of Applied Ecology (IAE) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) achieved commendable success, getting approval for four national key R&D projects: three conventional projects and one youth project. 

Distinguished researchers FANG Yunting, YU Wantai, ZHANG Lili and young researcher BAO Xuelian lead these endeavors, addressing critical scientific questions related to black soil conservation and utilization. The overarching goal is to fortify China’s food security by leveraging soil resources effectively.

The Institute of Applied Ecology has long excelled in soil ecology and agricultural ecological engineering. Their systematic research on black soil conservation and utilization provides essential technological support for national food security and the acceleration of sustainable green agriculture.