Exploring China’s Ecological Research Station in Changbai Mountains

Release Time:2023-10-19 Big Small

From September 14th to 16th, several Chinese media outlets, including Xinhua News Agency, Guangming Daily, China Net, China Science Daily, China News Service, and Pengpai News, visited the Changbai Mountains Forest Ecosystem National Field Observation and Research Station (referred to as the Changbai Mountains Station).

During on-site interviews, journalists gained deep insights into the station’s significant progress in improving regional forest ecosystem structure and functionality, enhancing forest productivity, and safeguarding biodiversity. These advancements align with China’s national ecological civilization construction goals.

On September 15th, a media symposium was held in the conference room at the Changbai Mountains Station. ZHANG Qingquan, Deputy Division Director from the International Cooperation Bureau of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), along with key personnel from CAS General Office, participated in the event. ZHANG Qingquan chaired the meeting.

The symposium began with ZHANG Qingquan introducing the background of the activity: to effectively communicate China’s ecological civilization development experience to the world and share compelling stories about China’s ecological progress. The focus was on addressing global environmental challenges related to climate change and biodiversity conservation. The media coverage highlighted the station’s long-term foundational research efforts.

Subsequently, WANG Anzhi, head of the Changbai Mountains Station, warmly welcomed visiting leaders and media representatives. He provided an overview of the station’s scientific research work. Dr. WANG Xugao delivered a talk on forest biodiversity and its ecological functions in the Changbai Mountains region. Dr. LIU Zhihua engaged in discussions with visitors on scientifically understanding and managing forest fires within the context of global climate challenges. Journalists also conducted interviews with experts from the Institute of Applied Ecology (IAE).

In the afternoon of September 15th, led by DAI Guanhua, deputy head of the Changbai Mountains Station, the visitors explored various facilities at the Changbai Mountains Station, including comprehensive experiment sites, meteorological observation field, forest observation towers, and air-water flux monitoring platforms. This firsthand experience allowed them to appreciate the dedication and endeavors of frontline researchers working amidst the forested landscapes.