New Fertilizer Technology Drives IAE's Collaborative Company’s Transformation and Growth

Release Time:2023-10-19 Big Small

On October 10th, 2023, Shandong Xianglong Group (also known as Shikefeng) Limited commemorated its 30th anniversary with a grand celebration and the Soil Health and Food Security Forum. Esteemed researchers Dr. WU Zhijie and Dr. SHI Yuanliang, from the Institute of Applied Ecology (IAE) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, were invited to participate in this momentous occasion.

During the event, Xianglong Group’s Chairman expressed gratitude to IAE and wholeheartedly acknowledged IAE’s pivotal role in Xianglong Group’s growth and China’s burgeoning new fertilizer industry. Over the past 18 years, the collaboration between Xianglong Group and IAE has borne fruit, resulting in significant achievements: (1) Establishment of the National Engineering Laboratory for Soil Nutrient Management. (2) Creation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Green Fertilizer Engineering Laboratory. (3) Joint participation in over 30 national and provincial projects. (4) Co-development of national and industry standards for stable fertilizers. (5) Formation of the Stable Fertilizer Industry Innovation Strategic Alliance. (6) Successful development of more than 100 varieties of stable fertilizers. (6) Recognition with a second prize of the national science and technology progress award.

This fruitful industry-academia collaboration has not only contributed to IAE’s research mission but also propelled Xianglong Group’s growth. From an initial production capacity of approximately 30,000 tons, the company has now scaled up to 4 million tons by 2022, achieving remarkable sales revenue of ¥13 billion. This collaborative model, where research findings are directly applied in workshop products and field practices, serves as an exemplary bridge between academia and industry.

At the forum, the Linyi Municipal Government presented a certificate of appreciation to IAE, while Researcher SHI Yuanliang received the Outstanding Contribution Award for his tireless efforts in translating cutting-edge fertilizer science into practical solutions for local industries.