New Book on Shelterbelt Ecology Launched in Beijing

Release Time:2023-11-15 Big Small

A new book on shelterbelt ecology, written by Professor ZHU Jiaojun from the Institute of Applied Ecology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, was launched at the National Convention Center in Beijing on October 28. The book, published by Science Press, is part of the Ecological Perspectives series of the Ecological Society of China and the graduate textbook series of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The launch event was chaired by Professor ZHONG Linsheng, the secretary-general of the Ecological Society of China. He congratulated the author and the publisher on behalf of the sponsors, along with Professor LIN Xiao, the assistant president of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Professor ZHU Jiajun briefly introduced the core framework of the book at the event.

The book titled Shelterbelt Ecology summarizes the basic and innovative theories, interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary knowledge, and application methodology in shelterbelt ecological engineering. It also provides a comprehensive technology integration in terms of the construction of shelterbelts in the new era.

The core contents of the book involves the shelterbelt ecosystem construction and zoning theory and technology, shelterbelt management theory and technology, and shelterbelt ecosystem service evaluation theory and methods.

From the “Agricultural Shelterbelt Science” edited by Mr. CAO Xinsun in 1983, to the “Shelterbelt Management Science” edited by Mr. JIANG Fengqi and others in 2003, and to the new book “Shelterbelt Ecology” by Professor ZHU Jiajun in 2023, these three books in the field of shelterbelt science are the witnesses of the knowledge and spirit inheritance of the three generations of “shelterbelt researchers” from the Institute of Applied Ecology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The year 2023 marks the 45th anniversary of the Three-North Shelterbelt Program, a national tree-planting project designed to rehabilitate degraded land and stop the desert encroaching into the fertile grasslands and farmlands of northern China. In June this year, General Secretary XI Jinping issued an important instruction to promote the Three-North Program during his inspection in Inner Mongolia. The launch of the book “Shelterbelt Ecology” is timely, and will provide important theoretical and technical guidance for the construction of shelterbelt ecological engineering in China and the victory of the "tough battle" for the Three-North Program.