IAE Conservation Tillage Team Attends the 9th Lishu Black Soil Forum

Release Time:2024-02-01 Big Small

The 9th Lishu Black Soil Forum Practice Session brought together over 100 experts, representatives, graduate students, and technicians from diverse agricultural fields at the Jilin Lishu Experimental Station of China Agricultural University on December 23-24. Among them were seven researchers and graduate students from the Institute of Applied Ecology (IAE) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, specifically its conservation tillage R&D team.

The forum unfolded in three stages:

1. Lishu Model Recognition: Outstanding individuals who contributed significantly to black soil conservation tillage were awarded. Here, IAE researchers Xie Hongtu, Bao Xuelian, Yang Yali, Yuan Shusheng, and several graduate students proudly received the "Outstanding Individual" title from the Lishu County People's Government.

2. Keynote Presentations: Renowned professors from China Agricultural University delivered insightful talks on topics like "Cultivated Land Conservation and Saline-Alkali Land Utilization," the renowned "Black Soil Conservation Lishu Model," and optimizing water management for corn production in Northeast China.

3. Academic Exchange: During a seminar on the "Lishu Model" and its impact on corn yield improvement, Dr. Xie Hongtu from IAE led the discussion, highlighting the achievements of the National Black Soil Conservation and S&T Innovation Alliance Cooperatives while emphasizing the importance of strengthened collaboration for effective black soil protection and utilization. On the 24th, IAE graduate students Zhao Yue, Lu Yue, and Yu Yang join 25 peers from other institutions to share their research progress.

The forum concluded with a visit by the IAE attendees to the core demonstration area of the National Green Food Raw Material (corn) Standardized Production Base in Lishu County, offering a firsthand experience of Lishu's pioneering conservation efforts.