Liaoning Plant Scientists Gather in Shenyang for Academic Symposium

Release Time:2024-02-01 Big Small

December 22, 2023 – Liaoning Province's top plant scientists convened in Shenyang for a botanical symposium. Hosted by the Institute of Applied Ecology (IAE) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), the two-day event, themed "Ecology First, Green Development," gathered prominent botanical experts from across the province for discussions and knowledge exchange. 

HE Xingyuan, president of the Provincial Society, and Fang Yunting, his counterpart from the city branch, attended the event alongside over 100 researcher representatives from 43 institutions.

In his opening address, Dr. Fang Yunting extended heartfelt gratitude to the Liaoning Provincial Science and Technology Association, the Civil Affairs Department, and their counterparts in Shenyang for their unwavering support. He further lauded the efforts of both societies, stressing the profound impact of ecological protection and restoration on building a truly vibrant ecological civilization.

The symposium's highlight was the report session, where leading figures like Dr. Fang Yunting, Dr. Feng Yulong, Dr. Yuan Haisheng, Dr. Hao Guangyou, and Dr. Ruan Yanan shared their own research. Topics ranged from the dynamics of inorganic nitrogen absorption in forest plants to the ecological implications of allelopathy and invasive species. Additionally, insightful discussions unfolded on the diversity of macrofungi, the physiological ecology of urban trees, and the properties and functions of plant anthocyanins.

This event aimed to forge deeper connections between botanical experts from research institutes, universities, and even primary and secondary schools across Liaoning. By fostering knowledge exchange and stimulating research across diverse aspects of plant science, the symposium envisioned propelling the province towards "efficient, sustainable, and stable" ecological civilization construction.