Academician SUN Hang Visits Shenyang National Botanical Garden

Release Time:2024-02-26 Big Small

(Shenyang, Liaoning) - SUN Hang, member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and prominent scientist from Kunming Institute of Botany, conducted a research visit to the Shenyang National Botanic Garden on January 27, 2024. Accompanied by the director of Shenyang Institute's Arboretum and officials from Shenyang Tourism Group, he explored the facilities and discussed the garden's future development.

During his visit, SUN Hang delved into the heart of the National Botanic Garden project at both the Arboretum of the Institute of Applied Ecology in (Shenyang) Huishan District and the Shenyang National Botanic Garden. He received a comprehensive briefing from director He Xingyuan on the project's crucial role, solid foundation, ambitious goals, and comprehensive planning.

In the Shenyang National Botanic Garden, SUN Hang specifically toured the greenhouse and tulip display. He expressed strong appreciation for the national botanic garden's significance and the progress made thus far.

Recognizing the project's potential, SUN Hang offered valuable suggestions for further development. He emphasized the importance of:

Enriching the collection: Expanding the cultivation of new bulbous flower varieties suited to the region's climate. Building international partnerships: Fostering stronger collaborations with international institutions. Leveraging regional strengths: Combining in-situ and ex-situ conservation approaches to maximize effectiveness. Reinforcing the conservation team: Building a stronger team of experts dedicated to plant conservation. Aligning with biodiversity strategy: Ensuring the garden actively contributes to China's national biodiversity conservation goals.

By implementing his recommendations and leveraging its existing strengths, the garden can become a leading center for plant conservation, education, and tourism.