Erguna Forest-Steppe Ecotone Station


Erguna Forest-Steppe Ecotone Research Station, Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences



Heishantou Town, Erguna022258,  Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China

Geographical information: 50o21?N, 119o57?E

It is about 1600km away from Shenyang.



Long-term mean annual precipitation: 357 mm

Long-term mean annual temperature: -2.5°C

Max & Min temperatures: 38.2°C, -39.7°C

Frost-free period: 90~100 days


Established time

Erguna station was founded in 2015 by institute of AppliedEcology, CAS


Main Mission of Erguna Station

Erguna Forest-Steppe Ecotone Research Station is dedicated to a three-fold mission of long-term ecological research, education, and ecosystem conservation. It is a unique outdoor laboratory that provides great opportunities to study temperate forests and grasslands and for basic biological and ecological research on a wide range of taxa and processes.

The station is open to scientists and students from throughout the world. Erguna station also serves as an environmental facility for students and the public.

Research at Erguna Station

Research at Erguna Forest-Steppe Ecotone Station focuses on understanding the fundamental processes and principles that govern the dynamics and functioning of communities and ecosystems. We explore topics of fundamental scientific interests and those relevant to current and future environmental change.


The goal of research at Erguna Forest-Steppe Ecotone Station is to understand, via the interplay of long-term controlled experiments, long-term observations and monitoring, theory and models, the processes, mechanisms and feedbacks that control the dynamics of functioning of forests, grasslands, and forest-steppe ecotone. The ecological processes we study include ecophysiology, competition, inter-trophic interaction, decomposition and nutrient cycling, controls of soil carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus, and the linkages and feedbacks among those processes.




Tel: 024-83970392 (Shenyang);

0470-6977998 (Erguna)

Email: wangzw AT (Director: Prof. Zheng-Wen Wang)

lvxiaotao AT (Prof. Xiao-Tao Lü)